Segway One S1 Review (Electric Unicycle)

Today we supply you the promised Segway One S1 overview. Yes, it’s now not a hoverboard, then again a self balancing electric unicycle.

It’s from the company prior to now known as Ninebot, which has since been were given by way of the well-known Segway corporate.

The Segway One S1 is the successor to the Ninebot One E+.

Some problems have changed in this type of the unicycle. Let’s take a look..

Segway One S1 Review

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Segway One S1 Technical Specs

  • Weight Limit 220 lbs
  • Max Speed 12.5 mph
  • Typical Range* ~15 miles
  • Max Climbing Angle ~15°
  • Applicable Terrain Pavement, packed grime, obstacles < 1.2 in
  • Weight & Dimensions ~25 lbs, 16.6 x 7.2 x 17.6 in
  • Battery Capacity 155 Wh x 2
  • UL 2272, FCC section 15 subparts B and C
  • Battery Module UL 2271, UN/DOT 38.3

What’s new inside the Segway One S1?

The Segway One S1 choices a brand new design that is sleeker, and additional sexy than the older Ninebot One E+’s.

Unfortunately, in some respects, this causes a few problems. More on that later.

The top tempo is relatively not up to the One E+, and the carrying weight is 220 lbs (as opposed to the 265 lbs of the One E+).

So normal, it kind of feels identical to the specs have been reduced quite, possibly for defense reasons.

Segway One S1 Design

The new design is in point of fact sleek and cool, then again there are two major flaws:

  1. The sides of this unicycle are extraordinarily blank.
    Which means that you can’t use your legs to have as so much regulate on the unicycle itself. This can be remedied by way of merely together with some skate grip tape to the body of the unicycle. But it’s a silly oversight.
  2. The maintain!
    This unhealthy boy weighs spherical 25 lbs and it’s extraordinarily awkward to choose up with the little maintain that’s built into the frame. We would’ve preferred the maintain to extend up quite further or no less than have an extra one that you can connect with the frame.

Segway One S1 Ride

The shuttle on the One S1 is beautiful blank. Definitely relaxed, however it’s now not the most efficient first unicycle for a novice, because of the graceful frame, which may be very curvy. Something relatively boxier, like it’s worthwhile to find on a Gotway, might be so a lot more easy to maintain.

The one gripe we in point of fact have with the One S1, is that the best tempo isn’t fast enough. If you utilize your unicycle to trip, you can in reality really feel quite like a sitting duck on a motorbike lane, which in point of fact impairs the mobility with this unicycle. A couple mph further would make a big difference. Case in stage, the out of date One E+ was once as soon as merely 1mph faster (13.5mph) and it didn’t in reality really feel near to as gradual on a motorbike lane.

Segway One S1 Review – Conclusion

Overall, if you want to have a stupendous somewhat priced, sleek design unicycle, the One S1 is for you. But for somebody else, we propose looking at our Best Unicycles article for some viable imaginable possible choices!

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